The Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" together with the staff of CHP-5 delivered over about 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Kharkiv region

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Foundation "The Future for Children"  and the staff of Kharkiv CHP-5, it was possible to accumulate about 30 tons of humanitarian aid, which was delivered to people who are staying in Kharkiv region and who are suffering there because of the russian war aggression. Cargo comes from Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Poland and other European Union countries from friends of the heating plant who care about our region.

The Humanitarian hub CHP-5, created with the Charitable Foundation "Future - for Children" support, does not stop its activities for a moment. Huge volumes of essential goods, products, medicines come from the western borders to Poltava region and from the company "Poltavateploenergo" to Slobozhanshchina.

According to Oleksandr Minkovych, Chairman of the Board of Kharkiv CHP-5, during the was, this is more complicated logistic and energy-intensive process that requires the concentration of many people: "CHP-5 is very grateful for the administrative and logistic support to the Kharkiv Regional Administration and personally to its head Oleg Sinegubov, Deputy Head of the Regional Administration Mykhailo Harnam and Chief of Staff Victoria Belyavtseva. No less important is the legal component provided by "Shkrebets & Partners" Law Firm. This very motivated and professional team of managers and lawyers promotes the rapid customs clearance of such necessary supplies and things for our Slobozhanshchyna".

It is not easy to be in the process of forming cargoes abroad, organizing the process of passing them through customs and arriving in the Kharkiv region, sometimes under fire, says Oleksandr Minkovych. But the gratitude in people's eyes, who receive the products, motivates CHP-5 to be also a Humanitarian hub.

Since the beginning of the war, the management of the thermal power plant has decided to provide all the employees with free food, as well as to support the people of the region. CHP-5 has created conditions for permanent residence and life of whole families: about 80 people found shelter from bombings and shellings every day, about 220 people eat in the organizatio´s canteens.

"The inhabitants of the Kharkiv region today live in hell. And to save all of us can only  mutual assistance and friendly shoulder of each other. Kharkiv CHP-5 takes care of the tangent Solonians and Pisochin communities, about the most affected areas of Kharkiv. We will continue to do it. Only together - the government, business, volunteers, the public, we will be able to win this war", said Oleksandr Minkovych, Chairman of the board of Kharkiv CHP-5.