Tolk Group and the Charitable Foundation “The Future for Children” have started working together to support families with children

The Tolk Group and “The Future for Children” Foundation have launched a joint social initiative to support children and families with children who are in difficult living conditions as a result of the war. Tolk has decided to allocate funds to support the Foundation’s activities from each account to be paid by non-household customers of all Group companies.

"We provide electricity to consumers, pay taxes, support the country and are now launching another initiative to support children and families with children who are socially vulnerable. We have joined with “The Future for Children” Foundation, which has experience in such support and is currently focused on helping internally displaced persons and families with children, organizing regional humanitarian hubs, and more. We will direct an special amount out of 100 kilowatt-hours paid by non-household consumers to the Foundation and, accordingly, to families with children, ”said Volodymyr Krupko, CEO of the Tolk Group of Companies.

He also stressed that the Foundation's volunteers see the urgent needs best and use the collected funds as efficiently as possible. In addition, the CEO of the Tolk Group called on concerned citizens, businesses and organizations to join this joint initiative.

Note - “The Future for Children” Charitable Foundation was established by a team of activists who successfully implemented the project of the public organization "IT Education Development" in a peacetime. However, the war made its adjustments. Currently, the purpose of the Foundation is to help children and families with children in difficult circumstances. In particular, with the support of the Charitable Foundation "Future for Children" from 2021 provide accommodation and meals for children in a boarding school at the Nizhny Bystrovskaya gymnasium of Gorinchiv village council. Currently, the Foundation promotes the placement of families of internally displaced persons in the Zakarpattia region. In addition, in Kharkiv, the Foundation's volunteers in partnership with CHP-5 organized a humanitarian hub, as well as assisted in the delivery of medicines and hygiene products to a number of Kyiv medical institutions.