Lyubov Kovach, the co-founder of "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation, was included in the rating "Influential people of Zakarpattia. TOP-100 – 2023"

In Transcarpathia, the annual rating "Influential people of Transcarpathia. TOP-100 - 2023" included Lyubov Kovach, co-founder of the Charity Foundation "The Future for Children".

The unique project "Influential people of Transcarpathia TOP-100" has been published for the 17th year. With its help, leading media outlets of the region, particularly the newspaper "Nedilya", have been identifying the most successful people of the Silver Land since 2006.

Every year, the rating tells about significant figures in politics, economy, culture, science, spirituality, etc. But this year, the edition stands out from all the others, as noted in the preface: "This TOP is special because it contains new names, new Heroes of today, it talks about new trends and new priorities in the life of society. And the reason for this is war, merciless, terrible - such that in the civilised 21st century, it would seem, it is impossible to imagine".

With this in mind, the rating is formed by such figures as the commander of the legendary 128th Transcarpathian Brigade, Dmytro Lysyuk, trench professor Fedir Sandor, writer Dmytro Lyubka, who delivered more than a hundred vehicles to the front, the first Transcarpathian chaplain Ivan Isayovych, a violinist who was forced to Timaeus Fabian's automatic hands, doctors who save lives on the front lines and in the rear, benefactors, volunteers, public figures. Among them, it is nice to note Lyubov Kovach, the headmistress of the Nizhnyobistrovka gymnasium, who is also the co-founder of the Charity Fund "The Future for Children".

The editors describe Lyubov Kovach as follows: "With the start of a full-scale war, a woman who had been taking care of school and child support took on another challenge - helping internally displaced families. In a short time, about a hundred refugees settled based on the gymnasium dormitory, and the institution and Foundation team faced the question of providing them with everything they needed and creating proper living conditions.

The Foundation, created for one purpose in the new situation, turned into a powerful tool for solving the needs of numerous Ukrainians — in the front-line zone, in the de-occupied territories and in the rear. From the very beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation's team began to provide systematic assistance to families with children, boarding schools, medical institutions, and sports youth - all those who found themselves in a difficult situation due to the war.

Since last year, the Foundation's team has collected and delivered more than 250 tons of humanitarian goods, medicines, and hundreds of beds for operating rooms to Kharkiv. The international sports camps Olympic Dreams project was implemented, as part of which almost 300 child athletes from the affected cities of Ukraine had the opportunity to undergo large-scale training programs in Greece and Cyprus.

Another critical project is the creation of the Center for Social Support of Children, "Domashne Teplo", in partnership with the Horinchiv community. Several dozen children from socially vulnerable families live in the institution. This is the only example in Ukraine when the community created and maintains a social institution with a charitable Foundation".

"The Future - Children" Charitable Foundation team sincerely thanks the Transcarpathian media for recognising our work. We are working and will continue to do everything that depends on us for the Victory of Ukraine!