During the Olympic Dreams camp in Japan, several reports about our athletes appeared on local television

Last week, another camp of the Olympic Dreams project came to an end. Our athletes returned from Japan to Ukraine. However, the visit of the Ukrainian judoka team to Tokyo aroused considerable interest from residents. It is evidenced by the number of news and publications that appeared in the Japanese media. First of all, we are talking about television. During the three-week stay of the Olympic Dreams project team in Japan, several video reports about our athletes were broadcast.

One of the first to tell Japanese society about our project was the NHK corporation, which combines television, radio broadcasting and Internet resources.

Report by NHK

A great opportunity to tell the people of Japan about the Olympic Dreams project, as well as to provide information about the state of the sports infrastructure in Ukraine and the conditions in which our athletes are forced to train, was a great report shot by the company 「日テレNEWS. This company specialises in news and distributes information in various formats. As for the Olympic Dreams project, the TV channel journalists filmed a 13-minute report about it, in which they talked about the Ukrainian judo team and recorded interviews with some of our athletes.

Report 「日テレNEWS

We will remind you that the International sports camps Olympic Dreams project has been established by "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation for over a year and a half. During this time, the format of sports camps was successfully implemented in 6 countries: in the spring of 2022 - in Israel, in the summer of 2022 in Greece, in the winter and spring of 2023 - on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, in the summer of 2023 - in Spain, in the fall of 2023 - in Slovakia and Japan. The project is consistently supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the NOC of Ukraine of the Kyiv region, the Judo Federation of Ukraine, the city council of Irpin and several embassies of the host countries.

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