A participant in the Olympic Dreams project won two Olympic medals in Slovenia

Judoka Anna Oliinyk-Korniiko, a participant in the Olympic Dreams project, won two Olympic medals at the XVII Summer European Youth Olympic Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. The student of coaches Karen Balayan and Oleksandra Starkova won silver in the individual championship and bronze in the team competition.
In individual competitions in the category up to 70 kg, Anna successively won in gruelling matches of judokas from the Czech Republic, Austria and Lithuania, losing only in the final to athletes from Great Britain. And the next day, acting as part of the mixed national team of Ukraine, she achieved victories in all her duels in the +63 kg category with representatives of Italy, Azerbaijan, Slovenia and France. She brought the necessary points to the team.
"Anna demonstrated her best professional qualities, her desire to fight until the last moment," noted the coach of the Olympic vice-champion, Oleksandra Starkova. - At the same time, our athlete showed great potential, which she will surely realise in future competitions. Thank you for supporting our team in the Olympic Dreams project, "The Future for Children" Foundation!"

Anna Oliinyk-Korniiko is a participant in the Olympic Dreams international sports camp project, which was created by "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation to support the Olympic Reserve of Ukraine. During the project's existence in 2022-2023, more than 330 young athletes from the affected regions of Ukraine could continue the training process in safe conditions, preparing for responsible starts.

Anatoliy Boyko, initiator of the Olympic Dreams project, patron of "The Future for Children" Foundation

The initiator of the Olympic Dreams project, entrepreneur and philanthropist Anatoliy Boyko, emphasised: "We started this project at the beginning of 2022 intending to support our Olympic reserve in wartime conditions, and already today we have impressive results. We were not only able to preserve the "golden lineup", winning the highest awards at prestigious world tournaments, but also received Olympic medals for the first time. I believe in our future Olympic champions, who today raise the flag of Ukraine in world sports arenas to the sounds of the Ukrainian national anthem!"
The Olympic Dreams project received support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kyiv regional branch of the NOC of Ukraine, the Judo Federation of Ukraine, patrons and ambassadors. These days, another one - the fifth international camp of the project - is starting work in Spain.

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