The NOC of Ukraine and Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" organized "Randori" in Greece for child athletes from the affected regions of Ukraine.

...August 12, within the international project Olympic Dreams 2022 with the support of the NOC of Ukraine, CF "The Future for Children", the Embassy of Ukraine in the Hellenic Republic and personally Mr. Ambassador Sergii Shutenko and Mrs. Council Anna Tischenko held an open training "Randori" with the athletes of the Ukrainian Judo Federation and the Judo Federation of Greece.

"We set a simple goal for ourselves: within the framework of the "Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program", initiated by First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, to use all opportunities in Greece to help Ukrainian children overcome the stress of the war and the traumatic events they experienced. Over the summer period, in cooperation with Greek partners, Ukrainian and Greek charitable organizations, we have already succeeded in treating more than 500 Ukrainian children.  And this work still continues", - the Ambassador of Ukraine in Greece, Shutenko Sergii.

Аnatoliy Boyko, Shutenko Sergii, Spyridon Karavulis, Olena Vikhodet

The Olympic Dreams 2022 project involves more than 100 young Ukrainian athletes training on the base of the professional sports infrastructure SPORTCAMP and Sport Village (Loutraki, Greece) with coaches Karen Balayan and Oleksandra Starkova.

Iryna Boyko, Anatoliy Boyko, Shutenko Sergii, Alla Poleva

"It's already the second shift of our young athletes taking part in the Olympic Dreams 2022 project. Among them are members of the Ukrainian judo team (cadets, juniors and adults), all of them are our pride, champions and prize winners of European and international tournaments, and we are happy to support their professional level, in difficult times, for the future victories of Ukraine", - said Anatoliy Boyko, patron of "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation.

Anatoliy Boyko

The sports event was organized as part of a summer educational and training camp in Greece for children from the affected regions of Ukraine, in particular the cities of Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel, Kharkiv, Kherson, Odesa, Luhansk, Sumy, Donetsk with the personal support of patron Anatoliy Boyko, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Hellenic Republic  and "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation.

Oleksandra Novikova, Serhii Shutenko, Anatoliy Boyko

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Before the war, Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" took care of children who needed help for family reasons in a boarding school at the Nyzhnyobystrivska Gymnasium.  Since 2021, the employees of the Foundation and the Gymnasium have helped over 500 children and adults.  However, with the beginning of the war, a shelter for internally displaced people, who had lost their homes, was created on the territory of the Gymnasium.  The team of the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" is a team of activists, who started and implemented the project of the public organization "IT Education Development", which supports young IT specialists and the development of the IT sector in Ukraine.

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