It's easier to help out with a band! Almost 70 children in the boarding school at the Nyzhny Bystrovska Gymnasium were provided with everything they needed

Almost 70 children now have accommodation and food which was provided with the support of the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" for the Nyzhny Bystrovska Gymnasium.

Now children live in a boarding school and have four meals a day, despite their incomplete state maintenance. These are mainly children from socially disadvantaged categories, large families, families in difficult life circumstances, single-parent families, as well as families living in mountainous and remote settlements.

The Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children '' actively helps the Center for Social Services of Children and Families "Warm Home" at the Nyzhny Bystrovska Gymnasium. so that this good challenge should continue. The purpose of the Foundation is to find and mobilize all opportunities to ensure the functioning of the Center, that is help for children.

In general, last year, with the help of the Foundation, it was possible to attract almost UAH 600,000 from partners to maintain the Center.