The Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children": the main results of the year

The main result of 2022 for the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" was the relocation of the residents of the Center for Social Support of Children and Families "Domashne Teplo" to a newly renovated building and the daily targeted humanitarian aid that the Foundation's team have been providing to children and families of internally displaced persons for ten months.

Before the full-scale war, the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" took care of children in a boarding school at the Nizhnyobistrovka gymnasium in the Khust district of Transcarpathia who needed help for family reasons. With the beginning of hostilities, the dormitory of the educational institution became a shelter for hundreds of internally displaced persons escaping from the aggressor from Kyiv region, Kharkiv region, Mariupol, Izyum and other regions of Ukraine.

"Those first days were a real test: at the request of the leadership of our Horinchiv community, we housed people, and the next day the question arose of how to feed them," recalls Lyubov Kovach, director of "The Future for Children" Foundation. - They literally "raised the call", and residents began to bring whatever they could. Later, volunteer and charitable organizations with which we established partnerships joined the assistance, and we also invited foreign foundations to cooperate."

In June, 37 children from education and rehabilitation centres of Chernihiv Oblast were evacuated to Nizhny Bystroy from the zone close to hostilities. In the vast majority, these were children deprived of parental care and those who needed special care. Therefore, it was necessary to reorganize a stable supply of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products - everything that should be in the diet of minors. There was also a need for clothes, shoes, hygiene products, diapers, medicine, etc.

During this time, the employees of the Foundation and Gymnasium assisted almost 500 children and adults, and more than 135,000 portions of breakfasts, lunches and dinners were prepared.

And on St. Nicholas Day, 19 children from socially vulnerable families celebrated their housewarming in the updated, comfortable premises of the "Home Warmth" Center. This centre is unique because its activities are co-financed by philanthropists and the community - the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" and the Horinchiv Territorial Community. There are no analogues in Transcarpathia.

"The team of the Foundation "The Future for Children" worked not only in Transcarpathia but also in other regions of Ukraine - said the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, Oleg Ignatko. - The systematic work of the Humanitarian Hub of CHP-5 in Kharkiv was organized. During this period, 200 tons of humanitarian goods were delivered and distributed among the residents of Kharkiv and nearby districts of the centre of the region. First of all, it is food and water. And also generators, power banks, clothes and shoes for adults and children, baby food, hygiene products, medicines, household and office supplies, household chemicals."

A separate item in the Foundation's activities is cooperation with partners from Nuremberg (Germany). Thanks to them, clinical institutions of the Kharkiv region received two high-precision anaesthesia machines, 360 modern functional beds and 20 special beds for operating rooms.
Another direction of the Foundation's work was helping child athletes from the affected regions of Buchi, Gostomel and Irpen by creating conditions for them to continue the training process. For this, some sports competitions were held for children in these cities after their de-occupation, and finally, thanks to the support of the NOC of Ukraine and philanthropist Anatoly Boyko, a summer educational and training camp was organized for 100 children and teenagers in the city of Loutraki (Greece). As a result, for two months, young athletes improved their skills and participated in international competitions of the Olympic Dreams 2022 project.

"The goal of the project was not only to save children's lives but also to create opportunities for their development," noted entrepreneur and patron of the Foundation Anatoliy Boyko. - We are glad it was successful, that the children could continue training under a peaceful sky, focusing on achieving their sports goals."

The results of the summer camp are impressive: its participants won three "golds", two "silvers", three "bronzes" at the championships and European Cups and the European Games of various age categories, and 4 "golds" and 3 "bronzes" - at the Championships of Ukraine. Six participants of the camp fulfilled the standards of master of sports of Ukraine, and one participant - Anastasia Chyzhevska - became a master of sports of international class. About 20 young athletes of the project were included in the National Team of Ukraine. 

All the started projects of the "Future for Children" Charitable Foundation will be continued and developed next year.

For reference:
Before the war, the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" charitable foundation took care of children who needed help for family reasons. However, with the beginning of the war, a shelter for internally displaced persons who lost their homes was created on the territory of the Gymnasium. Starting in 2021, employees of the Foundation and the Gymnasium provided assistance to more than 500 children and adults who were in the dormitory of the Nizhnyobistrov Gymnasium. The team of the Charitable Foundation "The Future for Children" is a team of activists that initiated and implements the project of the public organization "Development of IT Education", which supports young IT specialists and the development of the IT sector in Ukraine.

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