"The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation with the partners organized a Humanitarian hub in Kharkiv

At the initiative of "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation and the staff of Kharkiv CHP-5, a Humanitarian hub was opened on the partner´s territory, where food and basic necessities are distributed. Kharkiv residents and the nearby communities of Solonytsivka and Pisochyna can receive the assistance.

Rescue units unloaded and sent tons of humanitarian cargo to the recipients, assisted in the daily hub processes.

“People who work in our organisations have always been one team. We generate heat and light, and our emergency service colleagues are always there day and night, ensuring our work. Now we work together to ensure that the residents of our region, who are in the hottest spots, can survive and not suffer at least from hunger, "- says the head of CHP-5 Alexander Minkovich.
According to him, the hub was launched thanks to the collective efforts of the board of Kharkiv CHP-5, the Main Directorate of the SES in Kharkiv region, the State Fire and Rescue Unit №37, the guard service of the HRC №37 and representatives of "The Future for Children" Charitable Foundation.

“More than a month now, our region has been enduring the horrors of war. Many of our friends and partners show their support. Among the recent examples is the electricity supplier EK ENOLL LLC, which responded to our request and directed UAH 150,000 to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and residents of Kharkiv Region. Sincere thanks to this socially responsible business, "Minkovych added.

At the same time, according to him, CHP-5 does not stop its main activity for a moment, which is now also extremely necessary for the region. About 5,000 Gcal of thermal energy is generated daily at the thermal power plant, thanks to which the buildings of the city Hero - Kharkiv remain warm. CHP-5 also produces about 4.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per day in the United Power System of Ukraine.

“The CHP-5 team is working under enemy fire and constant attacks. This is truly a labor feat. But this is not what we want. We want to bring warmth and light to peaceful housing, the social sphere, and industrial facilities. That is why we unite all those who care and go together to victory, "the chairman of the board of Kharkiv CHP-5 summed up.

Note - "The Future for Children" Foundation was established by a team of activists who successfully implemented the project of the public organization "IT Education Development" in peacetime. As a result of the war, our volunteers changed their direction and provide assistance to victims of russian aggression, including assistance to children evacuated from the battlefield, wounded soldiers and citizens forced to leave their homes and move to peaceful regions of our country.