"The Future for Children" and Humanitarian hub CHP-5 in Kharkiv handed over more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid to residents of Kharkiv region during last 4 month of this war

During last 4 months since the beginning of the russian military aggression against Ukraine, the Humanitarian Hub of Kharkiv CHP-5 with the participation of “The Future for Children” Charitable Foundation has distributed to the Kharkiv and region residents more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid, including food and baby food, hygiene products and essentials. Also, people have also received generators and gas and electric ovens for cooking from volunteers.

Unfortunately, the war is still continuing. Every day more and more people need help. Some of them have lost their usual daily life, and some - have lost their homes. Some people have no one to take care of them anymore. “Our Western partners sent humanitarian aid in large quantities before and now we feel a lack of this assistance, "- said the head of the Kharkiv CHP-5 Alexander Minkovich.

According to him, the aid is distributed where it needed, then CHP-5 hub volunteers deliver provisions to the communities of Solonytsivka and Pisochyna, as well as to hard-to-reach areas of Kharkiv - Rohan, HTZ, New Homes, Zhukovsky, Danylivka Zhuravlivka, to the long-suffering Northern Saltivka. Humanitarian cargo is delivered from Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Germany, Italy, Western and Central Ukraine.

“Now we have to make additional efforts, find funds on our own, buy what we need, organize deliveries. Probably the West, like us, is tired of this war. The only difference is that we still remain at the epicenter of such an event, where everyone keeps his own front. At present, our CHP-5 is not only a heat-energy plant, but also humanitarian one, ” Minkovych.

It will be recalled that the Hub began its work thanks to the collective efforts of the Kharkiv CHP-5, the Main Directorate of the SES in Kharkiv Oblast, the State Fire and Rescue Unit №37, the HRH Guard Service №37 and representatives of “The Future for Children” Charitable Foundation almost from the beginning of the military aggression of the russian federation. Rescue units unloaded and sent tons of humanitarian cargo from the Western borders to the recipients, assisted in opening the hub.

For reference:
The Future for Children Charitable Foundation” took care of children who needed help for family reasons in a boarding school at the Nizhny Bystriy Gymnasium. Since 2021, the staff of the Foundation and the Gymnasium have provided assistance to more than 300 children and adults. However, with the beginning of the war, a shelter was created on the territory of the Gymnasium for internally displaced persons who lost their homes. The team of “The Future for Children” Charitable Foundation is a team of activists that launched and implemented a project of the NGO "IT Education Development", which supports young IT professionals and the development of the IT sector in Ukraine.

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