Colman Coyle and «The Future for Children» Charitable Foundation became partners

We are pleased to share the good news: the English law firm Colman Coyle has joined our list of partners. This company is an example of an utmost dedication to helping the Ukrainian children in these very difficult times. No borders for kind hearts!

The coordinator of our project - Oksana Lovochkina and the director of Colman Coyle - Oksana Howard – an English law qualified lawyer who is also from Ukraine and supports her Homeland, agreed to implement several important joint projects and to further cooperate, as well as provide humanitarian support to Ukrainian children and their families. 

So far, it has been about projects to support the wards of the Charitable Foundation, which is the majority of families with children. These families have lost their homes, become displaced without an understanding or strength to move on. 

Every family is a story. A story of a broken destiny and several lost years in order to be able to regain their past life. Some people are in despair and not only need help with clothes and food, but also need long-term psychological rehabilitation. Some are ready to start over, but they need help with equipment to be able to work, and some children need laptops to continue their online learning.

So far, about 100 people are receiving support from the Foundation. Together with the Foundation's Partners, we increase support and assistance to both Ukrainians who found place to stay in the West of our country and those who have remained in the Humanitarian Centers of the East.

We know everyone who has received help through our Foundation, including a girl who has lost her parents and was found by a woman with a 1.5-year-old child at the station who has adopted a girl couple of months later. And a boy from the village of Kamyanka, who at the age of 7 for about 30 km has been dragging all the things, which the family was able to pick up with them, running out of the house under shells. And a disabled girl Mariyka, who has lost her home, who is already fighting for her life with her parents and needs rehabilitation and a special wheelchair. We will share such stories and we will share with our media partners the touching fates of Ukrainian children and their families.

We invite everyone who cares to help! Every minute of your attention is worth it!